Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this before emailing us. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to drop us a line.

How do I adopt a Gentle Jake's rescue dog?

When you are ready to adopt a new friend, we'll ask you to complete our screening process, which ensures a safe and successful adoption!

Fill out an Adoption Application

If approved after first review by administration, your application will be sent to a volunteer who will arrange to have a conversation with you to discuss the dog in more detail, determine your needs and preferences, find out about your daily schedule, and talk about your previous experience with pets.  
If applicable, we'll call your veterinarian to ensure that previous pets have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and well cared for.  We will also be looking to speak with a personal reference that you provide on your application.

For renters, we'll check with your landlord to ensure that dogs are permitted and that the dog that you're adopting wouldn't violate any size or breed restrictions.

Lastly, we'll visit your home to see the environment where the dog will live and answer any other questions you might have. This is a great opportunity for you to get valuable input on how to integrate your new pet into your home.  This is also a chance for us to see how you and the dog mesh and how they respond to every member of the family.

Do you adopt out of province?

Usually, no, because we simply don't have the means to get a dog transported across country.
However, in rare cases, we have had adopters willing to travel long distances to facilitate adoption of that special hound. 

How much does it cost to adopt?

Our adoption fee is $450.00 Canadian Funds.  The fee covers the vetting costs for all of our dogs.  This includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip and other medical costs.  When you adopt your dog will be completely vetted.

How long does the process take?

The process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks.  This is dependent upon the availability of the applicant and volunteer conducting the interviews, the vet work required for the dog, and how quickly we are able to conduct the reference checks.

Where are the dogs located?  Do you have a facility?

We do not have a facility or kennel.  Our rescue is a foster-home based rescue and dogs are in foster care in various locations throughout Ontario, and sometimes in the US.

Do you require fenced in yards to adopt a dog?

We do prefer that you have a fenced yard.  In some cases this is not a requirement for every GJCR dog.  We strongly urge you not to let your new dog off leash in an un-fenced area. This is particularly important as they are hounds and tend to follow their noses.  

Can I meet a dog I am interested in adopting before I complete an application?

No, meet and greets can only be arranged for approved adopters.  The exception to this would be if you happen to meet one of our adoptables at one of our Adoption Showcase events and choose to submit an application after that.

Does GJCR approve adoptions living in apartments?

Yes we do in some cases.  We will discuss with you what your plans are for an exercise routine during your interview. We realize that different dogs have different exercise needs and that some dogs are a better match for apartment living.  We will work with you to find a dog suitable to your living situation.

What if it doesn't work out with my new pet?

We do our best to find the best match so it works out.  However, sometimes it just doesn’t work.  In these cases, the dog MUST be returned to the rescue as stated in the adoption contract.

If my application is received first for the dog I like, do I get him?

Not necessarily.  If we feel there is a better match for you and the dog, we will go with the best match for the dog to ensure it works for everyone.

If the dog I applied for is adopted by someone else, will you help me find another dog?

Yes, we will suggest other suitable dogs or keep your application on file until a suitable match is found.

I’m not sure what dog I’m interested in, can I still apply?


I applied some time ago and haven’t heard back. When will I hear from a volunteer?

Under normal circumstances you should expect to hear from a volunteer within a week of submitting your application. Please keep in mind that we are a small organization staffed entirely by volunteers and we try to fit rescue work into our lives with work, family and our personal dogs.  Sometimes it takes a little longer than we'd like, but please try to be patient. The rewards are well worth it. If you've been waiting longer than 7 days, feel free to contact us. 

Why was my application denied?

GJCR reserves the right to refuse an application if the home situation or environment is deemed incompatible with the needs of the dog applied for.  It is stressful and upsetting for the animals and our volunteers when adoptions do not work out and pets have to come back to us.  Please bear with us, be patient and understand that this process is the best policy for you, our rescue and the dogs. There can obviously only be one family or person chosen to adopt a pet, and it’s our responsibility to the dog and to the potential adopters to select the person or family that is best suited for a particular dog. We do understand that this sometimes can cause hurt feelings and it is certainly not our intention to do so. Please understand our position and that our number one responsibility is the best possible placement for each pet.